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2021 2nd International Conference on Economic Management and Big Data Applications (ICEMBDA2021)

2021 2nd International Conference on Economic Management and Big Data Applications (ICEMBDA2021) was held in Chengdu on October 29-31 , 2021. Thanks to the support of experts and scholars! A total of 30 people attended the conference, including 4 keynote speakers and 5 oral speakers to share academic reports.



Keynote Speeker 1:  Prof. Lei Zhang, from School of Economics, Sichuan

Speech Title: Belief bifurcation in an increasingly interconnected world?


Keynote Speeker 2: Assoc. Prof. Guo Yue from School of Business, Southern University of Science and Technology

Speech Title: Research Paradigm Based on Big Data: Taking Marketing and Management  Information Research as an Example



Keynote Speeker 3: Invited Researcher Liu Feng, from Shanghai University of International Business and Economics

Speech Title: Blockchain Technology and Application Research



Keynote Speeker 4: Assoc. Prof.  FARUK BALLI  from School of Economics and Finance College of  Business, Massey University

Speech Title: Big Data in Econometrics: An Application on the Dividend Smoothing models.



Oral Speaker 1: Xinyue Li

Speech Title: Application of Data Mining in Business Analysis



Oral Speaker 2: Xiaohui Zhu

Speech Title: Study on the double environmental effects of trade in services:  Mathematical analysis of cross-national panel data from 129 countriesIMG_8976.JPG

Oral Speaker 3: Peiwan Wang

Speech Title: Attention Winged Deep Neural Early Warning System: How Does it  Perform in Signaling Sovereign Crises for China?IMG_8869.JPG

Oral Speaker 4: Liyao Yang

Speech Title: Influence of social short video on social capital of college student


Oral Speaker 5: Tingyu Luo

Speech Title: Dynamic time-frequency spillovers in G20 foreign exchange markets