Welcome Dr. ARUNMOZHI MANIMUTHU ​from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore to be Committee Member!

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Dr. ARUNMOZHI MANIMUTHU, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Research Area: 

1. Data Analytics

2. Artificial Intelligence

3. Machine Learning

4. Social Entrepreneurship

5. Business Strategy

Research Experience:

1. Research Engineer (Fellow), ERIAN, NTU, Singapore Sept 19- till

2. Doctoral Researcher, Anna University, India Jan 16- Dec 19

3. Visiting Research Fellow, ROAR LABS, SUTD, Singapore Mar 18- Oct 18

4. Guest Lecturer, MBA-Distance Education, Anna University Dec 16- Feb 18

5. Guest Lecturer, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore Mar 2018

Publications (Recent):

  • 1. Manimuthu Arunmozhi, et al. “A literature review on Bitcoin: Transformation of crypto currency into a global phenomenon”, IEEE Engineering Management Review 47 (1), 28- 35. IF: 3.9

  • 2. Manimuthu Arunmozhi, et al. “Framework for Load Power Consumption in HAN Using Machine Learning and IoT Assistance.” IEEE Design and Test. IF: 3.022

  • 3. Manimuthu Arunmozhi, et al. “Absolute Energy Routing and Real-time Power Monitoring for Grid-connected Distribution networks- A replacement for SCADA in India.” IEEE Design and Test. IF: 3.022

  • 4. Manimuthu, Arunmozhi, et al. "Privacy and data security for grid-connected home area network using Internet of Things." IET Networks 7.6 (2018): 445-452.Embedded Systems. IF: 2.13

  • 5. Manimuthu Arunmozhi, et al. “Smart sensing scheme for energy monitoring in home area network.” Journal of Electrical Engineering Vol 18, 4, 2018. IF: 2.5

  • 6. Manimuthu Arunmozhi, et al. “Energy Consumption Estimation Model for Complete Coverage of a Tetromino Inspired Reconfigurable Surface Tiling Robot”, MPDI Energies. IF: 2.676

  • 7. Manimuthu Arunmozhi, et al. "Complete Path Planning for a Tetris-Inspired Self- Reconfigurable Robot by the Genetic Algorithm of the Traveling Salesman Problem." MDPI Electronics 7, no. 12 (2018): 344. IF: 1.76

  • 8. Manimuthu Arunmozhi, et al. “Multi-Criteria Decision Making for Efficient Tiling Path Planning in a Tetris-Inspired Self-Reconfigurable Cleaning Robot.” MDPI Applied Sciences 9(1), 63, 2019. IF: 2.217

  • 9. Manimuthu Arunmozhi, et al. “Vision-Based Dirt Detection and Adaptive Tilling Scheme for Selective Area Coverage.” Journal of Sensors, ID 3035128, 13, 2018, Hindawi. IF: 2.5

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